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Our Clients (partial list)

CENTRUM Business School of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Peru. G.I. helps CENTRUM increase faculty publication and develop new research centers.

City Club of Portland: Task force evaluating Portland, Oregon's $200 million urban renewal agency.

City Council of Beaverton, Oregon: Launch of Open-Tech Incubator

Chitkara University (India): New journal.

Consejo de Promoción de la Competitividad  (Competitiveness Promotion Council), Costa Rica

US Environmental Protection Agency: Advice on launch of a water technologies innovation cluster in southern Ohio / northern Kentucky.

Escuela Superior Internacional (Guatemala): Broker academic partnerships.

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portugal): Proposal Evaluation.

Govern Balear (Spain): Juror, tech park design competition.

Japan-America Institute of Management Science (JAIMS): Distance learning.

IC2 Institute. G.I. helps the famous Austin think-tank publicize its history and strategize its future.

Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands). G.I. helped MSM produce a custom textbook series, and an international conference series.

Merck, on corporate foresight.

Ministry of Education and Science (Albania): Upgrading university management under higher education reform.

Ministry of Science & Technology (Taiwan): Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of The National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs).

Ministry of Science & Technology (Vietnam): Introductions to the technology parks of South Korea.

Mongolian Environmental Education & Research Institute ECO ASIA and Ministry of Education, Culture & Sciences.  New research strategy under post-Soviet regime.

Namibian Digital Health Innovation Ecosystem

Qualcomm, on the future of mobile telephony in Asia.

Reed-Elsevier (Netherlands). G.I. managed content for Elsevier international web site.

Regional Information Technology Institute (Egypt). G.I. helps RITI publish research on Egyptian entrepreneurship.

Republic of Serbia Innovation Fund. G.I. evaluated corporate proposals for innovating.

Samsung Electronics, on corporate foresight and R&D strategy.

Sage. G.I. helped this publishing house evaluate a book proposal.

Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of The National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs, Taiwan): Briefing on newest directions in TBED.

UNESCO and the Government of Costa Rica: Advice on technopolis development.

World Technopolis Association: G.I. created a book, a web site, speaking engagements, and journal articles to train developing countries in methods for technology-based economic development.


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